About Belarusian Free Trade Union

The Free Belarusian Trade Union was founded in 1991 and, together with the Independent Trade Union of Miners, is the first non-state union of workers in the history of Belarus.
The rise in meat prices from 2 rubles to 10 rubles served as an indicator of the appearance of the BFTU. As a result of a spontaneous protest action of women, workers of the Electrotechnical Plant, a Strike Committee was formed, which included representatives of more than 100 enterprises in the city of Minsk.
By 1995, the number of members of the BFTU was more than 10 thousand people.
The legal (contractual system) and repressive pressure from the authorities in the 2000s forced the BFTU to concentrate on preserving the organization.
After the events of August 2020, BFTU again came to the forefront of protecting workers' rights, taking under its wing thousands of Belarusians from various industries – from education and IT to industrial workers.
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